“From PT with Tom, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes I feel so much more comfortable in myself, so much happier and have a lot more energy.”

Many women come to me and tell me that they struggle with motivation, accountability and just can’t seem to stick with exercise and diet to get a result. This was no different with Katie but after sitting down and going through her goals we came up with a plan and this is Katie’s result from Personal Training sessions with me check it out:

“Over the last year I managed to gain around a stone, I felt so uncomfortable in myself and didn’t like the way clothes were fitting me. Despite being so unhappy I couldn’t motivate myself at the gym and I was eating everything in sight! So I decided to contact Tom! I can honestly say starting PT sessions has been the best thing I’ve done for myself…read more

 Nottingham Personal Trainer- Tom Warrington

Hi, I’m Tom Warrington a Nottingham Personal Trainer and fitness expert. Working from out of Clifton village, in Nottingham and Fit camp coach and owner of Better Body Fit camp Nottingham and Lichfield.

I’m really good at helping women/mums in the ages of 25-35 (I do work with other ages too though) to get in shape, boost their energy, confidence and mindset. If you want to:

Lose weight,

Feel healthier,

More confident,


and get in great shape?

Then take a look at what my personal training clients say about me: scroll down the page or check out the success stories page in the menu tab above.

Please email me at: tom_w@twfitness.co.uk for more information about personal training in Nottingham. 

I do both personal training and group coaching (a boot camp) in both Nottingham and Lichfield. Using my Better Body Fit camp in Nottingham, Clifton, I help women who want to lose weight and get in shape with a community of like-minded people.

Check out my Blog for more info and articles that can definitely help in your mission to lose weight and get a toned body.

If you want to ask me anything about my services, then email me at tom_w@twfitness.co.uk

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From PT with Tom, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes I feel so much more comfortable in myself, so much happier and have a lot more energy…



I’m Feeling proud of myself and getting compliments from my Husband and friends


Self Employed

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