“I’d love to really get toned, lose excess weight and improve my fitness but I’m not sure what to really ‘do’ with diet and my exercising.” If this is you then get the Better Body Formula E-book now.

Tom Warrington- I specialise in helping women in and around the Lichfield area to lose weight, tone up and feel more confident without having to give up their social life, favourite foods or spending hours a day exercising.

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From PT with Tom, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes I feel so much more comfortable in myself, so much happier and have a lot more energy…



I’m Feeling proud of myself and getting compliments from my Husband and friends


Self Employed

When you just can’t be bothered

  I’ve worked with a LOT of  mums in my time as a personal trainer and coach…   and the ONE thing that mums have in common when they come to work with me is that they think they can’t get in shape because they lack   WILLPOWER and MOTIVATION  ...

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Are You Part Of The 90%?

  90%   ^^That number?   Is the % of people who join a gym or start exercising as part as a New Year goal   That within 3 months?   Have given up   Have stopped going   It's INSANE right?   But I get it   It's it DIFFICULT and sometimes you...

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Banging Against The Window

The other week that film   Bee movie was on T.V.   And if you haven't seen it?   It's about a bee who ends up leaving the hive to look for bigger things   He ends up being able to talk to a human   Who can understand him   And together they try...

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