’10 Ways To Lose More Fat That You Can Use To Get Ready For Summer (Number #4 Is My Favourite)’



It’s a cruel, cruel summer… The lyrics from Bananarama….

And it is.

What’s even more cruel is prepping for it.  

So Below I’ve gone through my top 10 ways that you can use now to lose more fat to get ready for the summer.

Some of them are not DIRECTLY related to losing fat BUT tricks, tips and strategies you can use to really help.

You can try all of them or just a few.

If you want this to be a long term change then I recommend picking a few of these and apply them on a regular basis..

Now some of these take a bit longer to see an immediate effect but start now? And you’ll start seeing results ready for your summer holiday


1#  Keep to your calories-  I keep going on about it but it’s important. In fact this is the most important one which is why it’s the top. None of these other ways actually matter if you’re eating too much. You can keep to your calories by keeping track of how much you’re eating. Do this instead of eating when you want because if you’re like me? You’ll just keep eating.


2# Increase you daily protein- OK, So I talk about doing this a lot BUT if you want to lose fat and keep as much muscle as possible (which if you  want to look toned you NEED to do) Then increase your daily protein consumption to 30% of your daily calories. Not only will this help with preserving your muscle but also keep you feeling fuller. Yay protein.


3# Moving more- Again this another obvious but so important. The more you move the more calories you end up burning. So even if it’s taking a walk on your lunch break or even a daily walk. It all means more calories burnt, which in turns burn more fat<< the goal!


4# Lift those weights- My favourite of all 10. Weights are just better at burning calories, helping improve your body and do contribute to making you fitter too. If your goal is to be toned? Then doing weights is a no-brainer. Even if you want to lose Weight (Fat of course) weights are still the way to go


5# Water- Drinking more water alone is just better for you overall but there is another benefit of drinking more- it means you have to get up more and pee. That means moving more. OK so technically this is moving more but more water is going to benefit your skin, hair and the way you feel.


6# Take part in some cardio exercise- Yes, but not the long winded type, like running on a treadmill for an hour or going out jogging for miles and miles, unless of course your goal is to run a marathon or improve your running distance?

 No. I mean HIIT cardio- High Intensity Interval Training- Now this popular these days and does have its benefits. So much I’m recommending it to you. Just 30 seconds of all out work on the cardio machine or bike or outdoor sprints followed by 1 minute of lower intensity like walking or jogging.


7# Accountability partner- This is great if you struggle with sticking to doing a workout or keeping to your diet. Getting someone who you workout with and keeps you on track. So when you wake up on that Monday morning you have workout regardless of how you’re feeling (because let’s face it, it’s easier to go back to sleep then to get up when it’s just you).


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8#  Morning workout- A bit of an indirect way- Again if you struggle with going to a workout? Making it your morning routine before work starts or your day starts can be really beneficial. If you plan on going later in the day then most of the time? You will feel too tired and are likely to justify cancelling on your exercise. Morning workouts are also a great start to the day.


9#  Plan your meals for the week- It doesn’t have to be boring or all the same everyday- Work out your calories for each day and then just choose the food you want on which days and prep it. This way you spend less time thinking about it and preparing your food. It also means your less likely to snack too. You know when your next meal is coming in so you’re not tempted to go for the biscuits.


10#  Last but not least- Eat healthier- NO this won’t make you lose more fat BUT it will help keep you full and feeling more energetic. I like to apply the 80/20 principle ESPECIALLY when I’m trying to lose fat. Healthy eating every day makes up 80% of your diet. The other 20% comes from ‘naughty foods’ Or foods with less nutritional value but maybe taste A LOT better to you. This helps keep you sane and less likely to binge that’s because restrictive dieting is terrible for long term results.


So that’s it. 10 ways to lose more fat in time for summer. Pick a couple to start with I would recommend 1,2 and 4. You can’t go wrong with those as they kind of are the most important.

Got any other suggestions? comment below 🙂

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