“This is your first set of measurements




And what are they now?


overall 37cm loss!


That’s 15inches!!!


You’ve lost 4.4 inches from your waist

that is amazing haha you’ve completely changed well done!!



 well done do you know your weight btw?



haven’t a monkeys”





^^That’s a conversation I had with Superwomen project member Claire the other week


I love how she doesn’t know her weight and doesn’t care


>>Anywhoo 15 inches lost in total and 4.4 inches from her waist<<


That’s not bad at all is it?


And all Claire did was make some changes to her diet and lifestyle


Of course she did it via my programme


But here are the 4 main things she did that got her the best results:


1. Found out how much she was supposed to eat a day


2.  Included eating foods her and her husband and daughter enjoyed eating (so she didn’t have to eat separately)


3. Taking part in EFFECTIVE group workouts


4. Stopped focusing on weight and more on how she LOOKED AND FELT


and the good news for you?


This week I’ve opened up spaces for a new 90 day Superwomen Project so I can SHOW you exactly how Claire did the above and how you can start seeing results too


If you want to see results like Claire’s and want to work with me personally so that I can help ‘transform’ you?


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Tom’ woah’ Warrington


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