I had a woman ask me about one of my bootcamps a while back


This is what she said:


‘ What’s involved?’


When I replied and said that it was resistance based and there were lots of different exercises


Her reply was


‘Oh that won’t be any good for me I want to lose weight so I need to do more cardio…’


I think I facepalmed






I get it


The idea that losing weight comes from doing a bunch of cardio is STILL been advertised around






Thing is?


Cardio is actually pretty poor at helping you lose weight


You start an exercise regime and think:


I know, I’ll start running<< even though you hate it




I need to burn myself out and sweat and get all beetroot faced


^^^Because that’s what it takes


It really doesn’t BTW


It’s so common for many mums to work hard throughout the week exercising as much as possible with little to know loss at the end of the week


All that for some measly lb loss!?


It doesn’t have to be that way.


There are BETTER ways and faster ways too


Just like 2 of my clients Hayley and Hannah who have ended up doing LESS exercise


But losing more than they’ve lost in a long time


All because they focus on weight bearing exercises<< like push ups, weighted squats, lunges etc


The whole shebang


And if you’re STRUGGLING atm?


Start doing some resistance based stuff<<< Seriously I can’t say it enough



It burns more calories


It helps you lose not just FAT but also helps you slim and tone areas




It’s better for you in the long term




It’s one of the MAIN reasons I am creating my Super women project


To help women DO the right thing get into shape and STAY there too


 If you need help?


Here are a couple of ways I can help you become more SUPER


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Tom’ exercise that works’ Warrington