What a week!




Talk about overindulging<< I feel like I never want to look at chocolate again!


You might be feeling the same


Eating until you feel disgusted with yourself<< that was me this last week


In fact I’ve gained a couple of pounds and right now I am ready to get rid of it all


And so is 90% of the rest of the country


But not until after the 31st right?


I mean that is the time to start (even though New Years day is just really a Tuesday)


Which is also probably going to be a day of rest because everyone will be out celebrating


^^I get that though


Which is EXACTLY why my 14 FREE online fitness challenge starts on the 7th of January


It gives you enough time to get rid of the chocolate and rest up


And it’s a perfect way to start off 2019


Getting you into the habit of exercising and dieting PROPERLY


(I also have my bootcamp and group pt starting again…more of that below)


If you’re interested in joining me and a few others with this new challenge?


Then click here and take a look as well as sign up here>> https://twfitness.co.uk/14dayonlinefitnesschallenge


Tom’ eating my weight in chocolate’ Warrington


PS- Here are a couple of ways I can help you get in shape in the New Year:


Morning Mums Fit N Tone Bootcamp-


It’s what is says on the tin. If you’re interested in getting back into exercise and need something more along the lines of working out with an expert (me) send me a reply with the subject line: ‘ mums bootcamp’


Evening group personal training-


This one is a evening group for women (max of 6 in each group) who want to get in shape and get the same help you’d get from one to one with me (3 sessions a week) if you’re interested in knowing more send me a reply with subject line:’ group pt’




You can just simply ask me a question if you want to go it alone<<, nothing wrong with that. I’m here to help you so if you need help just reply with a questions and I would be happy to help you