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Personal Trainer/Body transformation expert: Tom Warrington

I specialise in training women in Lichfield, through my Better Body Fit Camp.

This isn’t going to be your normal about page you usually read on a fitness website.

But here goes a bit of information about I how I got started and how you can get where you want to be with

I started ‘training’ 11 years ago as I was very overweight, also skinny<< not your normal ¬†fitness fanatic…

Years of training, learning, researching and reading (most of it the mainstream rubbish out there) got me¬†good results. Became a ‘Master personal trainer’ and have qualifications coming out my ears.

After trying myself to lose the weight, I achieved it. Which after a few years of research, doing what worked and finding out what didn’t. I came up with the system that helps women lose weight and keep it off.

Based in Lichfield I specialise with Women in the ages of 28-45 who have tried many diets before, tried to going to the gym or their local gym class, have tried everything but:

1. Can’t seem to get the weight off and keep it off

2. Haven’t achieved what they wanted to

3. Just want a result that sticks

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