One of the biggest problems I hear from women is KNOWING what to do


Whether that be exercise wise






And with all the tips from ‘Sharon or Sandra on Facebook’




All of your other friends who have tried X,Y,Z


So all of them give their expert opinion




Of how their friend’s cousin’s hamster’s pet lost a bunch of fat and did it in a week


Then you’ve got other tips from the MLM ladies…


As well as the fact you’re looking at different diets and listening to different people (Even the mum groups on facebook are riddled with those shakes and pills)


Ever heard of:


‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’?


Basically if you listen to every one and their dog’s advice?


You’re going to struggle


And end up with NO soup


The best thing to do?


Follow ONE and work at it hard to make it work


You’ll get plenty of ‘soup’ then


(The best one is usually the easiest for you to follow and enjoy)


So if you like cutting out all carbs<<< go for low carb dieting




Whatever it is?


Stick to one


In my opinion?


Do something that allows you to enjoy your lifestyle and still be able to get great results

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