^^ Yes that is me a few years back ( I was a personal trainer then too)


I did a video earlier on the old Flakebook about when I was overweight


Nearly 3 stone bigger than I am now


If you want to check it out go here>> https://www.facebook.com/TomWFitness/videos/339440936860896/


There is this idea that personal trainers and the fit people you see on Facebook and Instagram and in the magazines are amazing and motivated all the time


Here’s a little secret (shush)


They aren’t


If they tell you they are?


They are LYING to you


We are all human, we all have emotions and we all go through times where we actually rather just eat what we want and not exercise


Sometimes you get up and are just like MEH I want to go back to sleep


And you know what?


That’s OK


Because again NOBODY has the motivation to be ON all the time




There is something that can set some people apart to others


And that’s what you do about the lack of motivation or how you get out of the rough patch


See once you’ve binged on all the chocolate and stopped working out for a week


It CAN BE SO HARD to get back into it



Sometimes it knocks us down for weeks


To a point where we get fatter and THAT can be even more de-motivating and depressing


So what do you do?


Well I reveal a few things that I did in the video above




the number one thing you can do?


Is to fix your MINDSET


Mindset it everything and again we aren’t on all the time BUT if you could know how to handle the bad times?


Do you think you’d be able to get back into it and carry on losing weight?




You would.


I know this because this is exactly what I did and what Emily and Hannah did (clients of mine)


^^Hayley gained 6lbs because of one WEEKEND away


Usually this would really depress her




Because of the MINDSET strategies and other methods?


She lost all that in a few days and even went onto lose 3 inches more that week


All because of how she changed what she did after going through a bad patch


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Tom’ not fat anymore’ Warrington


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