^^That number?


Is the % of people who join a gym or start exercising as part as a New Year goal


That within 3 months?


Have given up


Have stopped going


It’s INSANE right?


But I get it


It’s it DIFFICULT and sometimes you just feel like giving up and binging on a takeaway and a bunch of chocolate


^^I’ve actually had done that myself and that’s OK




You’re also wasting your TIME, your Money and your HAPPINESS


Because every time you try and give up


You end up re-enforcing that FALSE belief that:


‘Your just not meant to have a toned and healthy body’


^^Which is BS




The reason why 90% of people quite or stop going to the gym or working out?




Actually it’s a few reasons


They are:


1.) They don’t really know what they’re doing so just kind of do what they’ve seen others do or what it says on the internet


2.) Boredom<< No one wants to do a bunch of cardio for ages when you’d rather be catching up on TV or spending time with your family


3.) Not getting the results they want


^^Those are the biggest reasons


And one of those?


Might be why you haven’t got where you want


And have given up


The way to turn that AROUND?




1.) Follow someone who knows what they are doing and has a track record of getting results


2.) Start with something YOU ENJOY there is no real right way or wrong tbh with you just DO SOMETHING that you can actually stick to


3.) Follow a programme you KNOW you’ll get results with


Part of the problem


Is just throwing sh*t at the wall and seeing what sticks


Getting on the scales every week and praying to the Gods that you’ve lost something


(Only to gain a 1lb? Like WTF)


And ending up throwing in the towel feeling worse


MORE out of shape


And even lower on energy…


Start small if you have to


^^Don’t make the mistake that 90% of people make


So you know you’ll get the results you want


Oh and BTW


^^Those 3 ways to turn it around?


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Tom’ the 10%’ Warrington


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