The other week that film


Bee movie was on T.V.


And if you haven’t seen it?


It’s about a bee who ends up leaving the hive to look for bigger things


He ends up being able to talk to a human


Who can understand him


And together they try and stop the humans from using honey and making it


Because of what they’re doing to the ‘Bee community’


This leads to a bunch of other stuff




There is this one scene<<< one of my favourites


Where the Bee gets trapped in the house and he tries to leave


He tries going through the window he just came through


^^Unaware that one of the humans had just closed it


Flying against it


and then saying:


‘This time, this time, this time, this time’


(It’s actually quite funny)


repeatedly trying to get through the window




This scene reminded me of this:


‘The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time’


^^READ that again


Which when it comes to mums getting into shape?


Happens all the time


Stay with me


You try the same old dieting technique


Which usually involves cutting out all junk food and kinda hoping for the best




You going to the local weight watchers or slimming world<< because maybe once you lost a few lbs on it




Every time you do?


You end up in the same place


Giving up after a few weeks and back where you started


I GET IT  though


It’s difficult to know what to do and you can really only do the things you know how to do


Now I’m not saying that your insane




When it comes to getting results and you haven’t been getting where you want


DESPITE trying your hardest?


^^And falling off the wagon


Then it’s time to try something different


Which I know is HARD if you don’t really know how




Here are 2 things to try:


1.) Keeping your attention on your intentions<< keeping track of where you are and where you want to go will help massively with MOTIVATION


2.) Keeping foods you enjoy in your diet<< You can still tone up, lose lbs and get in shape eating stuff you enjoy (every client I’ve ever worked with has done this) and it means you don’t have to COOK or make separate meals for yourself and your family


^^Both of these


Is exactly what we help with in the Lichfield 90 day Superwomen project


The most recent one has just started so is closed to new members for the sessions


But reply with ‘Superwomen’ and I’ll get you all the details


Tom’ buzz’ Warrington


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