Many years ago I broke my leg

It was through a nasty roller blading accident

^^When I say nasty, what I mean is my foot got stuck

in a curb my body twisted and my leg didn’t…


I was out for the whole summer (and being just a kid at the time It was a pain for my parents)

During the time I had to learn to use crutches

And I remember it now

It took me ages to move just a few meters

I had no balance

No strength

and they felt uncomfortable under my arms

^^But I was determined to get around so I practised every day

And a habit was formed

I became a little speed freak using them

Now the thing about doing things and creating a new lifestyle is that you only have to do if for about 20-30 days then it becomes a habit.

This means that you have to be disciplined for that long and you’ll get used to doing.

One thing you don’t have to do though is workout EVERYDAY

In fact you’ll burn yourself out (if you’re doing something effective anyway)

This is one of the reasons why in my new fitcamp lose a clothes size trial is 1. it’s for 30 days and 2. You only have to attend 3 times a week

Working out all the time is exhausting<< not to mention too much of a good thing is bad for you

There’s just enough

If you want to build a healthy habit that means you can learn the tools to lose weight and tone up without having to do exercise all the time.

Or having to force yourself to workout

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