The other day I watched the new film:


Night school


Starring Kevin Hart


Which you know with him in it? It’s going to be a really funny film


It’s about Kevin Hart who dropped out of high school so he didn’t complete his exams…


He now has to go back to school to finish it.


Hilarity ensues


There is a scene in which one of the night school students says to one of the others:


‘I’ve decided to go on to college!’


The other girl replies:


‘That’s great, what made you want to do that?”


‘Well, I saw how you all turned out  and realised I didn’t want to be that messed up… I want to do something with my life’




What on earth has that got to do with anything?


Let alone fitness.


Well, I’m glad you ASKED…


See, the whole film is about changing your situation


Being in enough PAIN to realise that unless you do something about it?


Unless you CHANGE then you will remain the same.


The girl and also Kevin Hart realises that he had to stop hiding from his problems and actually start making changes so that he could do better…


The same goes for fitness and losing weight


You’re probably on here because you want to do something about your situation


Want get into shape and lose weight that you’ve tried getting off numerous of times


Problem is you have tried before


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Just like Kevin Hart and the others in his Night Class




You keep coming back to square one




If you are ready to change that?


You just need to figure out HOW to stick with your programme


Is it Motivation or accountability


Maybe some ‘different’ yet effective ways to keep to your exercise and making dieting easier


^^In the film the teacher uses MMA in an octagon ring on Kevin to help him learn




I’m not saying to get beat up


But something can help you change…


And whilst we are on the subject of changing and getting results


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Tom’ night school teacher’ Warrington


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