So a few weeks back I SCREWED my diet up


And if you look at the subject of this email you can see HOW


I ate pretty crap on that day (the picture above is NOT the Chinese I had)


In fact I went over my daily calories about 2000


^^That’s A LOT


I ended up feasting on Chinese (a 3 in 1 and barbecue ribs with chicken balls)


Then I smashed a caramel and almond tart with Custard


And to top if off I ate a whole bag of MnMs




I FELT like absolute CRAP


But I couldn’t help it…


Now usually what would happen to most people now and what has happened to me before is use this situation as justification to start my diet again next week or just completely give up


Instead of that?


I actually had a look at WHY I binged on all that food


Because let’s be honest we don’t always feel great after<< Usually GUILTY because we are supposed to be dieting


And the answer i found?


I had been RESTRICTING myself too much in the week


I had designed my daily diet and hadn’t included anything I really enjoy


So after a few days I gave into cravings and just pounded some food….


And a diet that is restrictive means that you are a binge waiting to happen


So if YOU DO this?


Here’s what to do:


Look at your diet again and maybe include foods you like to eat but keep to your calories


And get back onto it STRAIGHT AWAY


^^When we binge or fail we give ourselves PERMISSION to carry on cheating and ruining it


So instead just figure out what happened and get back on it.


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Tom ‘ binges sometimes’ Warrington


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