Now before you get it twisted I shall explain


You want to lose lbs and drop fat


So when you see these 10 day programmes or diets that get rid of food groups or food types it can be very enticing




They work…sort of


Calm down, before you start thinking that these are healthy or even good ways lose weight I shall explain


Why do you lose weight on Diet Fads?


Is it because they have a revolutionary new way to get results?




It’s actually because you are in a massive calorie deficit (massive under on the calories you need to live)


Which in turns makes you lose weight…


It’s NOT the special pills or potions they make you drink


It’s NOT because you dropped carbs like bread and pasta


It’s NOT because you’re detoxing your body<<< that is complete B.S btw


It’s because when you drop certain foods they tend to be very calorie dense and the more you eat of them the more you are likely to EAT TOO MUCH


So getting rid of them completely?


Means you’ll lose weight because you’re eating A LOT LESS


Then the initial weight loss you experience is because you’ve dropped a bunch of carbs


So you might lose 7lbs in a week




You haven’t actually lost 7lbs, you’ve actually just decreased your body of it’s stored carbs


Meaning once you start eating like a human again




You’ll gain weight back


And fast because you’ve eaten so little (probably feeling like crap for a bit too) and you’ve gone back to eating foods you actually like


^^So it’s simple




What does work?




‘A diet you can enjoy is the diet for you’


^^ So something that gets you results WITHOUT you feeling like you’re having to sacrifice everything for it


And how do you do know if the diet is working?


You will lose FAT and look and feel better in your clothes as the weeks go by


And better yet you won’t gain all the weight back<< because you’re already eating foods you enjoy


You’ll actually get better at understanding HOW MUCH to eat too


If you need help just ASK


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Tom’ not a FAD’ Warrington


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