I am a massive fan of chocolate


And most women I speak to like it too (unless you are one of those savoury heathens!)


one of my old clients even told me once that she pounded 14 whisper bars in one sitting




That’s A LOT of chocolate


And calories


As I put in the subject line Eat Chocolate, lose weight





You’re probably wondering




And tell me more


See, the thing is we are told that foods such as chocolate and the foods that taste nice are no good for us


That as soon as the tasty goodness passes our lips


We get fat


Well, you’d be pleased to know that it doesn’t work like that


It’s not the food itself it’s HOW MUCH you eat in a day


And that’s of EVERYTHING


You CAN STILL get fat eating salads and healthy foods (whatever you class as healthy anyway)




By consuming more foods (calories) than you NEED you end up giving your body TOO MUCH energy and it store this energy as body fat



It just so happens that the tasty foods- cakes, desserts and even wine are calorie laden


So you can’t eat as much of them as you can do of the ‘healthier’ choices




That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat it


It just means you’ve got to be careful with HOW much you eat


And this differs with everyone


What is good for one woman might not be good for another, it could be too much or even make that person feel lethargic and miserable


It’s just finding what works for you


And if you’re struggling with this?


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Tom’chocoholic’ Warrington


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