This is Emily’s story, Emily took part in my Better Body Group PT programme and these are her results. I asked Emily a few questions after the programme about how she felt, what she achieved and this is what she said:


Lost: 19 inches overall

5 of which were from her belly 

How Emily felt before: Lazy, sluggish always tired – napped a lot!! Uncomfortable in clothes always bloated.

How Emily feels now: Energised, happy, more focused mentally also on eating better and moving more. No longer feel bloated and sluggish. Before this programme I would eat chocolate, sweets and cakes through out the day and night and nap a lot!!

Now I plan more and I do eat an odd naughty treat but that’s ok. I enjoy working out for the first time ever. I have done all sorts of weird diets one of the main ones was juice plus! Yeah I lost weight but it wasn’t healthy! I have learnt about balance and structure!! And not giving up!!

Also love being part of a group it’s a great motivator

Not letting work or home life effect my goal. Having a stressful day is no excuse to eat bad or cut corners! And burpees i hate burpees oh and the rope!!!!!!

I feel anxious before any class, but as soon as I walk through the door and lay the workout mat down I’m ready to go for it. yeah always sweaty and bright red after a session but always want to high five myself on the way home!

Not bad eh? If you’re interested in getting results like Emily but aren’t sure where to start? That’s OK you can get my some of my free stuff, below is my free e-book and cheat sheet:


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