I feel a lot physically fitter than I used to (I can actually do proper push ups now!)



Here is Emma’s story and experience on the Better Body Fit camp programme. Emma started the BBF when she won a place through a competition, already losing weight she wanted something to work on toning up. Working hard from the beginning and putting her all into the workouts.

This what she had to say




Total lost (over 2 months)

8.5 inches overall

6lbs lost



  1. Describe how you used to feel before you started training at the BBF with me?

Before I started training at the BBF I had already lost weight but was unhappy with how toned my body was. I wanted something which would make me feel more comfortable in slim fitting clothing.


  1. What worried you about training before we started?

Before I started training I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the exercises or that they would be too tough for me.


  1. How would you describe the actual BBF training? and how would you describe sticking to the BBF diet?

I would say the training has been surprisingly enjoyable. None of the work outs are ever the same but you’re always challenged.

I would say that sticking to the diet was generally easy (apart from a house move in between) as it’s quite straight forward and easy to track.


  1. What’s the biggest benefits that have come from training at the BBF?

I feel a lot more motivated to exercise than I used to and I’m starting to become happier with the way I look. Other people have also noticed a difference and commented on my figure.


  1. How do you feel now compared to before you started. Can you describe that for me?

I feel a lot physically fitter than I used to (I can actually do proper push ups now!) The inches I’ve lost mean my clothes are looser and I feel more confident.


  1. What would you say to others thinking about starting training with me/doing the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme

I would tell anyone thinking of starting the training that if they stick to the diet programme and attend the sessions 3 times a week then they will see good results. You’ll also feel supported by a group of lovely ladies who always help each other through workouts and encourage each other on the group page.


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