‘Emma’s Transformation’



When Emma sent me this


She said:


‘I didn’t realised I had changed that much’


And even I was impressed!


I knew my programme was good but wow!


See, Emma


Like so many other women focus on weight lost


And why not?


It’s what you’re taught




When you take the scales out of it and focus on the measurements?


Keep with the stuff that works?


This is what happens (I’ve just added her her results on the page as well as a few others) I also asked her what she thought and a few questions this is what she said: 


What was your result? Loss of 8 inches and 5.5lb


How did you feel before? Not comfortable in my clothes or trying to wear ones that were baggy to disguise my shape. I felt like I was stuck in a cycle of bad habits that I couldn’t break.

How do you feel now? A lot happier and more confident with how I look. I can tell I’m physically fitter when doing activity.


How have your habits changed? I’m a lot more conscious of what I’m eating because of having to track it.


What did you believe about weight loss/toning before and how has it changed now? I thought exercise was the main way of toning however I’ve realised diet is more vital.


What was the hardest part? The hardest part was having to deal with social events and things which popped up that would mean I couldn’t control my diet how I’d have wanted to.


What was the most enjoyable about the programme? I’ve enjoyed the workouts because they are never the same or repetitive and they make you push yourself.


Click the link below to see her results




Just like you


Emma was sick of where she was


Frustrated with the scales


The way she felt


7 weeks later (she hasn’t even finished yet!)


She has CHANGED.


And still eating foods she enjoys

Her goal was to get toned and lose the weight she had gained


She did this by eating foods she enjoyed, taking part in my PT sessions and following the Better Body system


Enjoying her social life with  friends, family and her husband


See if you restrict yourself?


You’re a binge waiting to happen…


Want results like Emma?


It’s results guaranteed or your money back


Sound good?


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