Escape Plan

So I watched the Escape plan the other day

It stars Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Two of my favourite actors 

And it reminded me a lot about fitness (stay with me on this one)

The film is about the character Ray Breslin 

Played by Sly 

Who breaks out of prison for a living 

A modern Houdini.

^^He literally is a genius in it 

His company is approached by the CIA, they want him to test a high security (secret) prison 

Alarm bells already going off here


He ends up going in, but something is wrong 

The contact who can get him out isn’t the warden, it’s someone else…

^^A man who actually built the prison on Ray Breslin’s book 

So he is stuck 

He figures out he has been set up.

This is where he ‘befriends’ Arnie in order to try and get out.

See, he follows a procedure or a system that works every time…he figures out the:

1. Layout 

2. Routine 

3. Has someone on inside or out

The prison warden finds out he is Ray and tries with all his might to ‘break’ him 

Ray starts to give up, thinking that it’s too difficult 

to break out 

When he is reminded to focus…

He goes back to his ‘formula’ his system and ends up breaking out.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, you see amigo, it’s just like trying to get leaner 

No matter how difficult you think it is

How complex it seems, maybe you think you can’t get that 6 pack or build an impressive chest or set of arms 

If you stick to the fundamentals, the simple system of getting leaner 

You will always do it.

1. Lifting heavier weights over time

2. Tracking everything 

3. Consistency and accountability 

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Sticking to the simple fundamentals will always ‘break you out’ 

Giving you the confidence and body you want

Yes, there is a little more to it 

Sometimes you need a little help from the inside 

Someone who is an expert 

That’s where I come in

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Tom’ breaking out of prison’ Warrington

PS- Sometimes it takes someone to help push 

you and help you focus 

Like an Arnie character to make sure you stick to it