I am not a mum if you hadn’t guessed that




I do train a lot of women and a large number of them are mums






I was chatting to one of them about all the work she had to teach her 5 year old during the


you know…thing we’ve had the past few months


The amount of work a 5 year old has to do?


Ridiculous amounts


So many pieces to get done and by a certain deadline


^^ I don’t miss doing that stuff




She also told me about how STRESSFUL it is for her


As well as him


Not wanting to fall out with him because he’s too tired to do it


Being a mum is HARD


^^I get it, i really do


and it’s not helped by the pressure you get put under of just every day life


Especially helping your kids with their homework


Especially the MATHS


(what’s with the difficulty level at 5?)




The STRESS and the mental taxing takes it’s toll and your ability to deal with it




Which is where opening the bottle of wine out on the Friday night when they’re asleep starts


Just a glass or 2


Or just snacking on all the junk in the house


When you’re TRYING to be GOOD 


And that makes you feel even worse in the end and your body FEELS like rubbish




‘Diet starts on Monday


I get it




The way you get around that?


Is to develop your mindset–


your MIND


Your ability to deal with it all comes from your focus, Mindset and ability to shift your thinking


Working on your mindset DAILY?


helps you sort through the CHAOS of daily life


This is the ONE THING that makes exercising, dieting and dealing with your problems possible


Next thing you know?


You’re 15 inches down (Like my client Claire)


Feeling like you can take on the world




your child’s homework…


MINDSET is the most important thing when it comes to getting results


You could KNOW what to do


and let’s face it


you DO
but knowing and DOING?


>>>Are two different things<<<<


And those two things?

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Tom ‘teacher’ Warrington

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