This is  Gail Shaw’s 30 transformation on the Better Body Fit camp-30 day lose a dress size programme. After the 30 days I asked Gail to tell me about her experience on the programme. How it has changed her opinion about her body, her fitness and her lifestyle. Below is what she had to say about the programme:



Her Before and After Photos:

Before the 30 day programme

Before the 30 day programme



After the 30 day programme

After the 30 day programme


Her results:

Total 10.5lbs in weight lost

Chest: 1 inch


Hips : 4.5


Total 10.5inches lost


What Gail had to say about the programme:

Before Gail started at the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme she said:

I  felt sluggish, unfit and unhealthy, none of my clothes fitted me either.’ It had been a while since I had done any exercise’

I asked her what she felt like before the programme and how she felt about starting the 30 day programme:

 ‘Before it started I was worried about how bad my fitness levels were after a year of no exercise.’

This is what she had to say about the diet and the exercise:

‘I would describe the training as difficult at times, but is fun and very refreshing with it being outdoors. Sticking to the diet was easy as it didn’t feel like a diet to me as the foods were not too restricted and just had to track and follow the BBF formula.’

After just 30 days of the BBF programme Gail has now lost a dress size and feelsmore confident and toned now.’

‘Now, after the training I feel more energised and more confident with my body and much healthier too.’

What would you say to others who were thinking about doing the next BBF-30 day lose a dress size programme?

‘For those thinking about doing it, I would so go for it as it gives you a good kick start into eating healthy and exercising. Especially losing a dress size’



Gail managed to go from sluggish, unhealthy and not feeling confident in herself to feeling more energised , confident, healthier and losing the weight and inches by eating

foods she enjoyed and taking part in at least 3 Better Body Fit Camp 30 minute fat burning sessions a week. She has changed her attitude towards diet and exercise. No longer cutting out

the foods she thinks are bad or having to spend hours and hours a week exercising.


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