So the other week


I went and watched that new film


You know the one that’s about the wrestler, Paige


Fighting with my Family


^^It’s a true story


(well based on one)


My favourite scene has to be in the beginning where Paige’s dad instructs her brother how to put her in a better headlock


It was one of those lol moments




The film is basically about how Paige (a 20 something from Norwich England got signed by the WWE)


**Btw mini spoiler alert**


During her journey


She starts to doubt herself and her ability


Falling behind all the over Divas and also having to deal with her Brother falling out with her and having a bit of jealousy for her success


She starts doubting that she can even do it


It’s everything she’s wanted<< and also her family have wanted




Her Brother’s reaction is stopping her




^^I totally get that


Her fitness isn’t quite what she needs it at


And she has trouble getting the ‘American rules’


She goes home and feels hopeless


Until she gets LEVERAGE from a conversation with her parents and the guy who wanted to sign her originally


A REASON for her to do it


From there her PERFORMANCE changes


She starts to get better at stuff


And all because she got CLEAR on what she wanted and WHY she was doing it


The rest of the film I’ll leave for you to watch


^^The Rock is awesome as always


What has that got to do with you?




One of the BIGGEST reasons most mums don’t get fitter, in shape and change their body?


Because they’re not CLEAR


Let me explain


When I get approached about advice or help from mums I always ask:


What is it you want to achieve?


And the reply usually goes something along the lines of:


‘To lose lbs and tone up’


Or thereabouts


How much weight? or what would you like your life to be like?’


How would you like to feel?


‘I’m not too sure’




‘I Just want to be more firm’


The thing is though?


If you’re not CLEAR on what you want and WHY you want it


You will be forever starting and stopping


Once you are clear?


It’s just a case of getting the RESULTS


^^And BOTH of these is what we do inside of the 90 day Superwomen project in Lichfield


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Tom’ Wrestling’ Warrington


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