The other week


I went out and saw the new Grinch film<<< it’s getting closer to XMAS WOHOOO


(When this is out on my website it will be a couple of days away!)


And the result?


Well, for me it’s not as good as Jim Carey’s version


^^I mean that’s the best one?




In the film The Grinch has this plan to steal all the presents from Who-ville


Because he thinks that, that will stop his PAIN


The pain he felt when he was young and was abandoned and was never adopted


He blames everyone, EVEN the people that have nothing to do with it


Ignoring the reality that there are people who want to be his friends and for him to enjoy Xmas


Well, in the cartoon version he has anyway…


And still he tries his hardest to take away their happiness 


And steals all their presents to find they still have Xmas spirit and just stand in the square and sing


^^This really reminded me of the majority of women who want to lose weight


‘It’s different for me’


‘I find it so hard as I go out for meals’


‘I don’t want to cook lots of different meals for my family and me so I just have what they have’


Some of these might sound familiar


When in reality?


It’s no one else’s fault but your own


OOOOOH this email has turned harsh


But it’s the truth


We give so many excuses as to why we can’t get into shape that we try our hardest NOT TO and then blame everything  and everyone else for it


I get it I really do






just like the Grinch there is HOPE and there are ways you can change that


By taking small action every day


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Tom’ the grinch’ Warrington


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