Let me just make it clear


I wasn’t actually at this Hen do…


It was a couple of clients of mine


Just this past weekend actually and they went to Liverpool




I actually received a picture message of them eating cake with the caption:


‘How many Deadlifts to burn this off :L’


It made me chuckle¬† (I promised I wouldn’t share the picture…sorry)


It made me laugh because:


  1. Because they were having fun


  1. They can actually eat foods like that and there not be a problem


When they came back they told me that they were getting compliments from everyone


‘Have you lost weight?’


‘You can see really see it’


Which is always a confidence booster to get that


Especially when you’re getting ready for a wedding!


There is this misconception that you have to starve yourself


Do a bunch of cardio and exercise all the time to just tone up a bit and lose a bit of weight


The TRUTH though?


Is far from it!


There is NO need to beast yourself every day to burn off calories


One of the ladies said to me in the first week of training:


‘I’ve never lost more than a pound a week before’


^^That week and the week after she lost 3lbs


By eating MORE and by exercising less than she would have done before…


So If you’re not currently not getting results the scales?


Then you should take a look at how MUCH you’re eating


How MUCH you’re exercising


Even how much you’re resting (having kids and when they’re ill can send you a bit nuts and make it difficult)




And once you’ve looked at those things you’ll find the reason why you’re not getting results


When you’re ready here is how I can help you:


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  1. Send me a reply with a question and I’ll be happy to help (it gives me more content for you too)


Tom’ creating super women’ Warrington