SO this a common question I get from women


And I get it a lot


One lady asked me the other day as well as one this morning!


‘How do I sort my diet out?’


Which is why I am answering it in this email


DIET is a big thing when it comes to losing weight and getting toned/in shape


You can’t get around it.


No matter how hard you workout or how many days you workout, if you’re diet isn’t on point then you’ll never get anywhere<< The version of me back in 2014 struggled with this. I was working out 6 days a week for nearly 2 hours and getting FATTER…


The main problem is:


You can’t STOP eating


You eat this and then that and before you know it?


You’ve BLOWN your daily calories out of the water<< Yep calories is really all that matter so you need to control HOW MUCH you’re eating


Which sucks if you can’t stop it…


If you’re in this boat at the moment?


Then this is the SIMPLE and easy version to solve it


This is what you do:


  1. Decide what you’re favourite foods to eat are<<< pick the healthy and ‘unhealthy ones too’


  1. Make a list of it of food you eat every day that will hit the calories you need to drop FAT fast


  1. Organise your week so that you eat these meals every day


This way you have AN IDEA of what you’re supposed to be eating every day


The PROBLEM arises when you wake up and kind of pick at foods all day


You don’t have a PLAN


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You just go with the flow and hope you pick healthy food and don’t eat the Sh*t food you’re trying to avoid every day.


Sometimes It takes a little look at what you’re actually doing, WHY you want your goal and what you need to do to get there…


You know…a PLAN


Remember calories is what you should be following<< they are the fundamentals


Everyone is different with how much they need, don’t just eat a 1000 a day


^^You’ll get fatter doing that


Even busy mums can do this


How do I know?


Because I’m helping them atm to do this…


Sort your calories out


Then eat what you LIKE to eat and follow that<<< OBVIOUSLY there is a bit more to it as everyone is slightly different




Get these fundamentals down first…




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