The other night I watched that film


American Assassin


^^Tis on Netflix and I recommend when you’ve got time bang it on


It’s very good.


A quick breakdown…


Basically it’s about a guy who loses his girlfriend just as she agrees to marry him<< heartbreaking


The guy ends up becoming obsessed with getting the guy who did it.


He spends the next 18 months training and becoming better


His attempt is noticed by the big guys in the government and ends up taking part in a new programme to train a few guys to become above black ops type stuff.


Assassins basically….




In the training he takes part in a V R sessions (that’s virtual reality just in case you didn’t know)


And him and a few others are strapped up to these electrical chest pieces


Whenever they shoot some one who isn’t a ‘baddy’ or get shot or miss their target


They get zapped.


Then the trainer starts tricking this guy (by showing the guy who killed his GF over and over again)


And every time he shoots him  he gets zapped


So much


Everyone else quits after just a few of these electrical shots


But he just keeps carrying on


(Some guys throw up)


But this guy doesn’t….


Why am I telling you this and what on earth has it got to do with you trying to get in shape and lose your mummy tummy and wear the clothes you love?


Well, just like in the film you need to develop WILL POWER




Obviously not to the point where you’re throwing up




Let me ask you this:


If you could stop yourself binging on all the snacks in the house and ruining your diet and getting fatter


What would you say?


I’m guessing you’d love that


Well the thing is?


You don’t need WILL POWER all of the time, you don’t need to be disciplined all of the time


You actually only need to be disciplined, motivated at the start


Then you can get top ups throughout your journey


So that those zaps (bad days) don’t end up ruining your progress…




How’d you do that?


You get someone to keep you accountable and make sure you end up staying focused on that main goal


That focus?


Is the REAL reason you want to be in shape and feel like the way you want to feel


If you do that?


You can stick to ANYTHING




It’s exactly what I do in the Superwomen project


My new online 90 day experimental fat loss programme


And I’m looking for a few women to take part in it…


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Tom ‘Assassin’ Warrington


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