The last few months for me have been hard


Getting ill


Losing motivation to exercise


And not being able to diet as well as I had been


^^shock and horror admission from a personal trainer


you know what I mean though?


Your intentions are all there but there’s just something stopping you from sticking with it




The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing


‘Accountability posts’


Posting on Instagram and social media


And no


Not like MOST Pts who post pictures of their washboard abs


Tanned and in the gym


(Secretly spraying my abs with water to make them look hot)




The same old chicken and broccoli meal pictures because #dedicated


^^I almost want to throw up in my mouth I’ve been and done all that plain meals crap and it SUCKS




I’ve been STATING what I’ve been doing and actually taking action


It’s almost given me a kick up the butt to keep sticking with it




There’s nothing like feeling LOW and unmotivated when you really want to get in shape


And you’re almost hitting this wall every time you try


You keep starting back at square one


Where you’re forced to ‘look for another way’ to FINALLY get in shape


Sometimes things you’ve done before don’t work again


^^And I get how that feels **rolls eyes**




Other times it can just be an accountability thing


See, doing it on your own is HARD


Having people there to spur you on and almost ‘watch you’ has a motivating factor


Try it for yourself


Post a small reminder that you’ve done something


^^And I don’t mean those posts where everyone says I’ve been to the gym


But just a picture or even a number with a tick


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Tom’ motivated’ Warrington


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