It’s almost Christmas time! 


That also means that most of us will DEFINITELY not dieting because….see above! 


Problem is, most people end up gaining a bunch of weight at this time of year.


So when it comes to January time it becomes more difficult to lose those extra Xmas lbs.


In this post I reveal how you can ‘survive’ the Christmas time by keeping the weight off BUT still enjoying all the food goodies:


*How to eat things like chocolate, cake and of course Christmas dinner without gaining inches to your waist line 


*The best way to keep active so you can keep the scales under control 


*What you should do after to get back into eating ‘normally again’ 


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To the main bit Superman!


How to eat things like chocolate, cake and of course Christmas dinner WITHOUT gaining inches to your waist line


What is this magic I speak of? 

Well, I’ve gone over things like this before (in many of my previous blog posts) so I won’t go into too much detail about it here. All you need to know is that when it comes to losing weight or even preventing gaining inches or pounds to your body CALORIES are king.

Which leads us nicely into how to do this…


Most of us shy away from eating ‘junk’ food when it comes to getting a good body or keeping the inches down, but because calories are king it means that as long as you stick to the calories you need every day to stay the same you will not gain weight.

Ain’t that something!


Don’t get it TWISTED though, you STILL NEED to eat nutritious foods to live a healthy, disease free life. But this means that eating foods that are what most of us see as ‘naughty’ aren’t going to cause a tonne of damage.

If you’re moderate with it of course.

The best way to do this is to TRACK what you’re eating or keep a record of if somehow.

Limit yourself with how much you eat every day to a certain point anything past that an you know you’ll gain weight. 

I recommend using something like MyFitnessPal to track your calories properly. 

For Christmas time though I would recommend something different.

Something called ‘calorie saving’. This way you eat a small amount in the morning and maybe for lunch to keep you going so that you can splurge out in the evening.

Which is a great time to say for Xmas day and Boxing day I recommend ‘signing them off ‘ as cheat meal days so you do really enjoy yourself.

Of course this all has to be monitored to a point, otherwise you will gain weight. If you really want to just eat until you burst then don’t do it everyday to avoid gaining lbs.


The best way to stay active to keep the scales under control



During and after Christmas is pretty much a time you’re going to have to do quite a bit of activity. If you’re not used to doing a lot then I would recommend just 30 minutes of walking a day.

 If you are then a few times a week of moderately intense exercise<< That’s industry speak for getting out of breath and speeding up your heart rate for about 30- 45 minutes.

Having an active job also helps 

If you need ideas? doing something resistance based like squats or burpees or maybe even using dumbells or kettle bells if you have them will help greatly.

Resistance exercise burns a load more calories then just straight cardio and can really help with the excess calories.

A little note and a point that goes into my final tip, and that is to ENJOY yourself but don’t go crazy.

As I mentioned above you’ll starting creating negative habits that will make it more difficult to get out of once December is over with.


What You Should Do To Get Back To Eating ‘Normally’ Again


This section is pretty easy to explain and that’s because I kind of touched on it above. 


Literally the only way to get back to normal eating again. Calories are king when it comes to losing weight and after having a period of overindulging you’re going to be tempted to cut everything out. 

Don’t, that’s a binge waiting to happen. Instead you should track your calories and steadily reduce them so you don’t become HANGRY. If you’ve got LEFT OVER CHOCOLATE and other goodies then the calorie saving technique I mentioned above really helps. 

Here’s a good start if you’ve been pounding the food then start off with 1600kcals a day, use MyFitnessPal to help with this, then you can bring it down to the number you need.

Another tip is to get back into dieting and exercising ASAP, January is notorious for people starting up again. I’ve kind of joined this too. 

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So that’s it, there’s not really much you can do. You either want to overindulge every day in which case *Calorie saving is perfect, upping your activity to DAILY and  signing off Xmas day and Boxing day as cheat meal days. 

It’s GETTING BACK into it that is where most people’s issues lie. Start off slow and build up your exercise habit otherwise you’ll find yourself 6 months down the line still in the same boat as you are now and THAT is very disheartening. So if you need help check out the FREE 14 day online fitness challenge or even start off with my Cheat guide (below.) 

Have a great Xmas and any help send me an email ( or comment on this post