I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years now


And a few years back (around 2014)


I was the fattest I had ever been


^^Yep a PT that is fat




Unlike MOST fitness pros?


My background had nothing to do with sports


I was TERRIBLE at it as a kid


Small, rubbish at all sports<




It wasn’t until my dad gave me weights and told me I was fat that I changed<< That’s for another email




I’ve always struggled with food


I enjoy it


And back in 2014 I had just broken up with my first girlfriend


I didn’t take it well AT ALL


I ate A LOT


I used to still exercise though


In fact nearly EVERY DAY<


But I was getting to the point where no clothes fit me and I EVEN wore a HOODIE in the gym in SUMMER




25-30 degree heat and I was exercising but still wore a hoodie


I was ashamed


I hated how I felt


How I looked


and the fact I was supposed to be ‘fit and in shape all the time’


Didn’t help my situation


(Any fitness person you see that doesn’t admit they struggle with stuff sometimes is lying to you)


One day though


I looked through photos of myself at my sister’s 21st birthday


And it shocked me


I even went and did a topless photo the next day


And the result?


Made me actually upset


Which is when I decided to shift and change my MINDSET


it took 3 months but I lost 2 stone and changed my physique


my confidence improved


my energy


and I started improving my mood


^^I even managed to eat foods I still liked too


Why am I telling you this?




For one thing we are all human


We all struggle with things and fitness pros aren’t an exception when it comes to our body




The thing that changed for me?


Was getting clear on where I was


Rather than where I wanted to be


^^I realised the reality was unless I was going to change my mindset and start taking action I was only going to get worse


If you’re struggling with motivation right now?


Do this:


  1. Get clear on where you are NOW (how you feel and what happens if that doesn’t change)


  1. Start creating habits so you don’t end up quitting or giving up and don’t try and change it all in ONE go




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Sunday night I am closing entry for this 90 days days


So if you are ready?


Don’t wait around


Tom’ struggled with food ‘ Warrington


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