‘I didn’t get these results from 6 months at the gym, the exercise is totally different from anything the gym offers… and I’ve lost a lot of lbs and inches by eating freely!

This is Steph’s Story and transformation. After finishing the programme I asked her some questions about her experience and how she feels now, below is what she had to say.

Her Before and After photos






Steph’s results:

10lbs of fat lost, 10 inches overall lost

How did you use to feel before training with me on the BBF programme?

Before I started training with you I was eating all the wrong foods from having mixed up views of various diets … I was at the gym 4 _5 classes a week running but was getting nowhere with my weight/shape!!

What worried you about the programme before we started?

I did worry before I started training with you that 3 times a week might not be enough as you asked me to drop other exercise n focus on the BBF programme.

How did you find the actual exercise in the programme?

Sticking to the training has been easy!! Turning up 3 times a week is the easy bit and you do the pushing… I love how far I’ve come fitness n strength wise..

How did you feel about the diet side of BBF?

The diet plan has been bit more difficult having that much freedom can sometimes mean I make “bad” choices but…. the proof is in the pudding I lost a lot of lbs n inches by eating freely, which is the biggest benefit for me as I joined to lose n tone!!! But I have noticed that my need for “naughty” food isn’t there which is great!!!

What’s the biggest benefit from taking part in the BBF programme and how do you feel now?

Since finishing the BBF programme I feel strong fit and healthy … also very focused to continue.. you have designed a new programme¬† for my needs ..Inc a diet plan. as my results were so amazing I want the very best results 100% effort, you can see from my pictures I totally believe in Tom’s programme I didn’t get these results from 6 months at the gym, the exercise is totally different from anything the gym offers so I’m going to cancel the membership and continue with tom and I’m very, very excited to see the results …. 1 more stone to lose but actually I’m excited to see where I can take my body!!! Muscle tone!!!!

What would you say to others thinking about doing the programme?

For 4 weeks I would definitely say you have got to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And commit the results will show and 4 weeks has passed so quickly!!!! I’m glad I started when I did as now I have another 4 weeks before holiday!!!

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