You may have noticed


I didn’t send an email yesterday


And I feel so crap about it


^^These are supposed to be daily emails<< they are sent DAILY


And I feel bad about it


Like really bad


Why didn’t I send one?


Because I was busy delivering on some of clients goals etc and doing stuff to help them


So I got BUSY




It shouldn’t have been the excuse I had…


You  see when it comes to getting in shape we use excuses and that’s what they are:




As to why we can’t do something


Oh I’m too busy to workout


i’m too busy to track my food


^^That bit is usually followed by so I will just eat everything I can find because I’ve given myself permission to ‘cheat’ on my diet


You naughty little cheater


What I should have done?


Stick to my plan


Got what I needed to have done and done it FIRST


It might not be the same for you


Getting kids ready in the morning to get them to school or nursery usually requires a hectic and manic morning so a workout is the last thing on your mind


But if you have something Scheduled in AFTER that?


You can get it done


It’s what I should have done yesterday so I got my emails out


^^My coach had a go at me


And the thing now?


I’m not going to be missing another day now

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Yes, it’s easy to say that Tom


But you don’t have this and this to do…


Thing is we all have 24 hours a day BUT not all those hours are full of motivation and knowing when you’re least motivated can help you when you do SCHEDULE


Which is what we will focus on in my new online programme- The Super Women Project


Yes, it’s online


But that doesn’t stop the actual reason you are not getting results


It’s not someone being there with you (someone to workout with or shout instructions at you)


It’s that accountability, that help, that knowledge that you have someone to answer to which MAKES you do the stuff you need to do


So if you haven’t checked it out yet?


(I’m looking for 10 women to take part and test it for me)


Then go and have a look now>>>


Tom ‘no more excuses’ Warrington


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