About a month ago it happened


My sister her boyfriend, my girlfriend and I 


All in the same room


In this prison


We had always wanted to try it


Especially me




So it was one of those escape rooms


Where you have to use the clues to get out….


I had always fancied myself as a bit of ‘genius’


^^I’m really not


So when we got in there we were all frantically searching for these clues


(Some of us tried to open a air conditioning unit with a magnet….)


As the time went on we started snapping at each other


in a funny way




I’ve only got TWO Hands’


‘What does that do?’


It was a mess




There was this guy who is kind of like your helper on the radio


(The guy who locked us in)


He gave us clues


And he said


‘You need to work as a team and stop spreading yourselves out’


It took us a while to actually listen though




When we did?


Things started to CHANGE


We teamed up and tackled the clues as a group rather than individually


^^Me who thought I was Einstein calmed down and worked as a team member as well


Unfortunately is was a little late a we didn’t quite make it




If we had worked as a team from the beginning we would have gotten out on time


What has this got to do with getting in shape?




When it comes to getting in shape, boosting your energy and starting to tone up


Many MUMS try and go it alone


Try the dieting<<by cutting everything they enjoy out of their life


Start going to a gym




Even use some of their home workout DVDs




Within a few weeks it’s back to square ONE again


I GET IT though




Changing your habits on your own, your lifestyle on your OWN<< that’s what you’re doing




Doing it in a group has it’s benefits:


You are MORE likely to get results


It’s more social and fun


And you work with like-minded women


My recommendation is to find a group of MUMS who are on the same mission as you


Who will support you on your JOURNEY


^^That is ONE of the keys to getting results


It also helps


If you have a guy ‘on the radio helping you out’


Which is what I do


Inside of my Lichfield 90 day Superwomen Project


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Tom’ get me out’ Warrington


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