So a while back


When I was 9 years old


I broke my leg…to be exact I spiral fractured it (which is like the middle snapping in a spiral but not completely breaking)


And it hurt like hell


It all happened at the start of the 6 weeks holidays


The first week<<< I was so annoyed at myself!


I decided to join my brother, sister and friends rollerblading


^^Ignoring the fact I didn’t know how to do it…


So just shuffling along outside in poor fitting oversized Rollerblades I lost control and got my foot stuck in a curb corner


Come to think of it, the curb was poorly put together…


My whole body twisted but my leg didn’t and I landed on the ground and my leg was resting to the side






That’s when we went to the hospital (LATER on the day)


And found out what I had done and I was out for the rest of the holidays and had a cast on for nearly 3 MONTHS


I got a PS2 out of it though


Oh and got a little bit more upper strength from having to push myself up the stairs on my butt


Why am I telling you this?




  1. Don’t go full on rollerblading if you don’t know how to


  1. Don’t try and do something without learning the basics first ( that whole learning to walk before you run)


And the same applies to losing pounds


MOST women will GO ALL OUT on a diet



On a new exercise programme


^^Going from nothing or hardly working to basically killing themselves


Guess what it leads to FALLING DOWN


To proverbially breaking your leg and having to spend time recovering


So when you’re trying to lose weight if you try and lose 10lbs in 1 week you could do it but you end up packing more back on and then have to work even longer and harder to get that off


It’s a vicious circle…






If you don’t want to track calories do it another way- portion control


If you don’t like doing certain exercise do something else


But start with these


And get better at that and you WILL GET better results than you have before


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Tom’ learnt my lesson’ Warrington