I was watching the new Sabrina the teenage witch programme on Netflix the other night


Have you seen it?


It’s COMPLETELY different from the original


And I’m not afraid to say I watched that in the old days


^^It was a great show


This one is DARK though…


There is one point where Sabrina wants to tell her BF Harvey that she is a witch and he won’t see her again


When she does his response isn’t the best


(Doesn’t believe her)


So she uses her MAGIC and makes him forget what she told him


And lives with that pain of what he says


So she feels better for changing what she has done but clearly sees that she can’t tell the ones she loves the truth


So ends up having to hide it


^^This kind of made me think of how many women (or anyone dieting) kind of regret when they eat something not on their ‘diet’ and WISH that they hadn’t done it


They end up hating what they have done


Maybe even feeling like they want to wave a magic wand and just change it all without having to sacrifice their favourite foods


Or even eat the naughtiness without the calories


Wouldn’t that be a dream!?


I think If I was Sabrina I would make ‘treats’ calorie free!<< Not that I’ve imagined being a teenage witch…






Dieting, It sucks.






It surprises me of how many women feel guilty eating chocolate or things that have been deemed unhealthy


Or fattening


When in reality it’s not really the food itself it’s the AMOUNT you consume


So what if you could still enjoy the diet but get results


Guess what?


You can (Not by waving a magic wand)


But it happens from TRACKING HOW MUCH you eat everyday




Yeah, it’s a bit of work but wouldn’t you rather feel better knowing that when you eat those smarties it’s not going to do ANYTHING to your waistline?


I know I do.

This is the most important bit and I tell all my clients to do the same


If you’re not assessing then you’re guessing<< which makes it so MUCH HARDER to get anywhere…




If you’re struggling with this?


Then I can help


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Tom’ Sabrina’ Warrington