I saw a funny meme on ye ol flakebook the other day

It was a picture of a guy crying and the caption said:

‘The face you make when you realise you have 3 minutes to leave the house because you pressed snooze 80 times’

We all leave things to last minute

^^Except booking holidays—sometimes a year in advance and then we have to wait for them

Then as the time goes on decide perhaps we should

get ‘in shape’ for it.

So this is where the joining the gyms start

The local fitness class

or pay per sessions boot camp ( that you attend maybe once a week)

Eat lots of healthy foods

Cutting out all the foods that we consider junk (but also love)

^^I’ve known women to want to stab people if they hadn’t had their wine<< true story no hate

This sucks 

Convincing yourself that all this huge sacrifice is in the name of your new body or the change you want to accomplish…

Nothing ever works 

You could also be one of those women guilty of the I need to lose a stone in a week crowd 

So you start searching for the quick fixes 

To no avail 

And feel like completely giving up on your goals. 

Leaving stuff til last minute is one of the worst things you can do 

Yet we do it with our bodies all the time.

But why?

If you WERE GUARANTEED that you could get in shape in the time said

Would you?

I am betting you would 

Women fail so many times at successfully losing weight and feeling better because they follow the advice that is flawed 

^^Or that makes unnecessary changes to their diets and lifestyles that they can’t keep up

Then when you gain all the weight back you feel unmotivated to get rid of it again 

All because you wanted to eat ‘normally’

So what if you do something that DOES WORK

^^Guaranteed in fact

and get it started with enough time to make a change 

I’m talking about my Lichfield lose a clothes size trial 

There are 9 spaces left  and only 16 days left until the registration closes 

Possibly only 8 places tomorrow, so if you want to get in on this opportunity<< did I mention you will lose a clothes size in 30 days and it’s free?

Then click here to read more and apply for a chat about what is involved:


Tom’ leaves enough time’ Warrington 

PS- If you want to do it 

Then please read all the info on the page and on the application page 

You could be 1 of the lucky 10 taking part in changing their lives