Saturday was date day for me

So me and my girlfriend went to Alton Towers for the day

^^She got me and her premium season tickets so we could go whenever we wanted

And it was a little busy


The longest we had to wait was 35 minutes

which is pretty good tbh

I was like an excited child

Best valentines gift EVER


The one ride she insisted we went on was The Smiler

And I had NEVER tried it

The problem was though there was a 75 minute waiting time

I mean

That’s just ridiculous

So we did the one thing I’ve never done before

And bought Fast track tickets

Which for a bit extra?

Cut the waiting time to 15 minutes


I felt like I was Royalty walking past everyone else<< No I’m not sad but I do love roller coasters

We got on the ride and out and on another in that waiting time

Totally worth the extra

What on earth am I telling you this for?


When it comes to getting in shape, toning up and boosting their energy most mums tend to join a fitness class, a bootcamp or maybe even a gym

In hope that this time it works

Where in fact

It takes A LONG TIME

Even if you did one of those cabbage and lemon diet thingys


just exercising or doing one of those ‘fad’ diets out there takes is a big mistake

Not only does takes ages to start seeing results

If any at all

And that’s if you can stick to it

^^Which is why a lot of women go to personal trainers

Problem is PTs are expensive (and MOST don’t give you anything additional to an expensive 1 hour workout)


If you had everything and was guaranteed results faster and you could KEEP the results

^^The lbs and inches didn’t just creep back on

For a fraction of the price of a personal trainer <<< and even better results

Would you do it?

Kind of like a FAST TRACK to a new you

Just like we do in the Lichfield 90 day Superwomen Project transformation

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Tom’ fastracker’ Warrington

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