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In the podcast I go through what happened to me and why I broke down and at the end I go through something to start off your goals with.


I also go through what happened to me, why I went from that happy smiley person that everyone said:


You would have never of guessed you’d go through depression…yeah I’ve heard that so much…to what happened when I finally reached out for help.


And connected with that?


If you are struggling to stick to exercise?


If you’re struggling because you start exercising but then life gets in the way?


You kind of put it in the back of your mind…


You get busy and forget about stuff.


Then most likely you’re missing your WHY


Your reason for doing it.


Which is what I am now going through in the Better Body Online programme:


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You’re more likely to stick to it if you know your reasons


You’re more likely to get toned and achieve your goals.


39% more likely actually


^^Getting some stats in there for you


So to help women along and help you stay on track so you don’t end up giving up




Pushing it to the back of your mind


I’ve up-scaled the help you get on my online programme…


If that sounds like something you need?


You can sign up for a week trial by clicking the link  below and testing it out:


Tom’ honest’ Warrington.