Jess joined the Better Body Fit camp in preparation for her wedding August, she wanted to tone up a bit more ready for her big day. Below are her results and her experience with the BBF programme.


Weight lost: 8lbs

Total inches: 7.2 (17cms)

Chest at start 103
End 100

Arms at start 35
End 32

Waist at start 87
End 82

Hips at start 112
End 109

Legs at start 64
End 61


Describe how you used to feel before you started training at the BBF with me?


Before I started training at the BBF I used to feel like I was making no progress with the gym and doing a lot of exercise with no big results.


What worried you about training before we started?


Before I started training I worried about what to eat and when and how much was too much food. I was confused about what food was best to eat with the exercise I was doing.


How would you describe the actual BBF training?


I would say training with you is is very good effective and with it being all women a nice environment and you get to know each other and their goals! You do exercises that in 40 minutes leave me dripping with sweat and aching the next day!


How would you describe sticking to the BBF diet?


I would say that sticking to the diet was difficult (because of me being in and out and not having set meal times) but the advice given regarding what to eat to tone up and the importance of protein invaluable!


What’s the biggest benefits that have come from training at the BBF?


The biggest benefits that I have seen from training at the BBF is loosing 7.5 inches (17 cms) from my chest, arms, legs, waist and hips. I’ve been able to see a change in my body and fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to for some time.


How do you feel now compared to before you started. Can you describe that for me?


I feel a lot fitter and healthier within myself and happier with the way I look.


What would you say to others thinking about starting training with me/doing the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme


I would say to anyone thinking about this programme to give it a go and you will be amazed at the results!




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