“I am a lot fitter and have lost so many inches”


Jo started running last year and had lost weight. She came to me when her weight would no longer go down, after some advice she lost a few pounds and decided to give the full Better Body Fit camp programme a go.

I asked her a few questions about her experience and results after just 30 days on the BBF programme this is what she said:


She went from a 14 size in tops to size 12

And size 14 bottoms to size 10!

Weight lost: 5lbs

Inches lost: 9

Before and After Photo (after diet changed)





Describe how you felt before the BBF programme?

I always thought I was quite fit before I started but turns out I wasn’t as fit as I thought lol…


What worried you about the training before you started on the BBF programme

Being embarrassed and everyone being better than me….


How did you find following the BBF diet?

The diet was really easy a few problems in places but once I started putting all food Into the app I could work out what I was going to eat that day…


What has been the biggest benefit for you from being on the BBF programme?

My running is better because i have strengthened my Core and I’m working my arms which I never did before….


How do you feel now compared to before you started?

I am a lot fitter and I’ve lost so many inches…


What would you say to others thinking about starting the Better Body Fit camp  30 day programme?

I can’t wait for the next month and it’s only 3 to 4 times a week for half an hr and every question I had was answered with no trouble….The  best thing I ever did and you wouldn’t get that from a gym or a personal trainer?


Jo achieved this by following the Better Body Fit camp programme and diet formula. If you want results like Jo then you can apply for a free trial week for the 30 day programme here: https://twfitness.co.uk/7dayfreetrial


Or you can email me at tom_w@twfitness.co.uk for more information