Many women come to me and tell me that they struggle with motivation, accountability and just can’t seem to stick with exercise and diet to get a result. This was no different with Katie but after sitting down and going through her goals we came up with a plan and this is Katie’s result from Personal Training sessions with me check it out. 







“Over the last year I managed to gain around a stone, I felt so uncomfortable in myself and didn’t like the way clothes were fitting me. Despite being so unhappy I couldn’t motivate myself at the gym and I was eating everything in sight! So I decided to contact Tom! I can honestly say starting PT sessions has been the best thing I’ve done for myself.


Tom listened to my goals and developed a plan for me, I normally do 2 sessions a week and track my food daily. The sessions are so much better than anything I could achieve in the gym or a class on my own, we always have a laugh, do a variety of exercises and work towards mini goals week on week. I found the diet side to be fairly simple once I had some direction and have even managed to eat chocolate pretty much every day!! Tom offers such a great amount of support and supervision that it would be difficult not to achieve your goals!


Over 12 weeks- including 4 weeks of all inclusive holidays- I lost a stone and a half, 10.5 inches and dropped 2 dress sizes! I feel so much more comfortable in myself, so much happier and have a lot more energy. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone considering starting PT sessions, I’ve been so happy with my results and have really enjoyed it!”


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