I feel more confident in myself now from when I started. I can actually buy clothes now and feel good.


Kat used the gym and didn’t quite get where she wanted so she decided to try the Better Body Fit camp 30 day programme. Not only dropping fat but also improving her fitness and strength. After the 30 days I asked how she felt about the programme and her results this is what she had to say:


Weight lost: 4lbs

Total inches lost: 10 inches 

Including 2 inches lost from her legs 

4 inches from her waist

Before and After photos




  1. Describe how you used to feel before you started training at the BBF with me?

Before I started training at the BBF with you I used to feel uncomfortable with myself because I used the gym an didn’t seem to get any where.

  1. What worried you about training before we started?

Before I started training I used to worry about not keeping up with other members. Also I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick to it.

  1. How would you describe the actual BBF training and diet ?

I would say training with you is really fun.  You get us all working  and you push us to what we can do.

Sticking to the diet was hard  but I have enjoyed all the meals that you have sent out. I’ve stuck to it and

feel loads better.

  1. What’s the biggest benefits that have come from training at the BBF?

I would say seeing the changes in my body and making me eat a lot healthier than I was before. It’s also stopped me from being lazy and now I am really active.

  1. How do you feel now compared to before you started. Can you describe that for me?

I feel loads more confident in myself now from when I started. I can actually go and buy clothes now and feel good.

  1. What would you say to others thinking about starting training with me/doing the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme?

I would say definitely try it. Every time you turn up it gets harder but makes you see more of a change in your body. If you want to see change I think this is the best way.

I’m going to keep at it and not give up. Thanks Tom


These are the results after just 30 days on the Better Body Fit camp programme. If you want to get results like Kat then you can take part in a FREE trial

week by applying here: https://twfitness.co.uk/7dayfreetrial