I’m a massive fan of marvel


^^I talk about it quite a lot


And recently on Netflix Daredevil has returned


That may not be your cup of tea (It’s a bit dark and violent)


The character is blind but has super senses and that’s what he uses to help him fight crime


And in the most recent episodes?


He’s been recovering from a massive change in his life<< a building basically fell on him so he’s having to recuperate


Thing is?


He is currently staying at the orphanage he was brought up in…


Looked after by a particular Nun who takes no sh*t from him




When he doesn’t want the help, he feels broken and is trying to go alone




The Nuns and his priest want him to get better and are trying to support him but he isn’t having any of it and wants to go ALONE..




He starts to take this support and believe in himself again…


The rest is well you see him get better


Why on earth am I telling you about this?


Well like many women


when they are trying to lose weight<< they try and do it by them self


Maybe carry on with a diet or something that worked before


Take out the workout DVD (that you have a few of)




Because this time YOU WILL DO IT




Problem is?


Going it on your own IS DIFFICULT


^^Even superheros like Daredevil needs his friends and the people from the orphanage


Batman has Alfred


The Avengers have EACH OTHER<< You can see my GEEK coming out right now






It’s true


You are more likely to SUCCEED if you have support and someone there who is going to help you when you feel like crap


Whether that’s family




or a group of women just like you



The lesson here?




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Tom’ helper’ Warrington