Lichfield Better Body Fit camp- FREE 7 day trial

Get your FREE 7 day trial . The BBF 30 day programme in Lichfield was created by Lichfield personal trainer Tom Warrington for women who want to lose weight and tone up.


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The 7 day trial for the Better Body Fit camp based in Lichfield allows you to see how the programme works…for FREE. Click here to get your place on the FREE trial


If you want to work with me then this is your chance. If you live in the Lichfield area and are interested in Losing weight and toning up as fast as possible the BBF 30 programme is for you. 


Are you sick and tired of trying to lose and weight and tone up?


You want to feel comfortable in clothes again (buying them can be a real uncomfortable experience)?


You want to get ready for an event and want to lose weight that stays OFF?


Click the link for more information about the 7 day trial in Lichfield>>


You can also check out what others had to say about their experience on the programme here >>





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