If you’ve read my emails for a while 

But you don’t actually know me<<Still on the fence

about working with me, fair enough

Then you may not know about my problem 

No, I am not a douche…

My problem is 

I have old man knees 

^^Well, that’s what I’ve come to call them now…

I actually have high riding knee caps <<

It’s as interesting as it sounds 

Basically, my knee caps sit higher than the average


About an inch higher<< An inch more makes so much difference…. 😉

I was having really bad pain in my knees whenever I did the most simplest of tasks 

Walking up stairs.

Squatting down<< not good when you lift weights 5 times a week.

So once I found this out, I was told there wasn’t anything I could do at my age

I’d have to live with it.

Now at first, I stopped training my legs 

Stopped myself from doing the tasks that hurt.

^^Which is pretty much common sense

Instead of actually solving it, I just tried preventing the problem of the pain by not doing the things that caused it 

That didn’t actually help it 

It wasn’t until I had enough of it that I started to learn how to squat again<< my squats were terrible because of the way may knees work

I strengthened my quads, stretched out my hips and kept slowly working at it until 

my knees stopped hurting.

Now what has this got to do with losing weight and getting in shape?

Well, the amount of women who try quick fixes and programmes to try and solve their problem 

you know the problem– no confidence, not being able to fit into the clothes they want and hating how they look 

Is astounding…

When in reality you should be fixing the route problem.

Like with my knees, there was no quick fix, ignoring it wasn’t going to make it go away 

Addressing the main issue and working at it solved it for me 

The same goes for you and your body 

*Stop trying to do the start on Monday diets

*The fad diets 

*Learn how to actually lose the weight and keep it off so that you can continue doing it 

This game is long term, no short quick fixes or short cuts I’m afraid…

The amount of women interested in my lose a clothes size programme is a lot 

BUT what you have to realise is that it’s the start 

It gets you faster results, faster fat loss and more energy in less time 

But you have to carry on working at it<< made easier with what you learn though 

It’s not a quick fix.

It’s what will get you to your goals though 

I’m still looking for 10 (now 9) women in the Lichfield area to take part and test run it for me 

Check out what’s involved here:


Tom’ only 24′ Warrington 

PS- Like I said this programme is a trial 

and the registration ends on June 4th 

So you need to get a move on to get a chance in getting great results