Recently one of my clients asked me about something called:




(One meal a day)


Someone they knew had been on it and had recommended it to them


So when they tried it they said:


I felt low on energy and really hungry


^^Which is going to be obvious


The idea of it is well, self explanatory


You eat one meal a day


And that’s it.


So there are a HUGE number of problems with this


Apart from most women not eating enough when they are exercising (so eating just one meal makes it worse)


There is the fact you are going to feel like crap






  1. You’re not eating enough calories


  1. You are going to feel hungry as your belly knows VOLUME not CALORIES so if you only eat one meal your belly will most likely feel empty most of the day


  1. Unless you make it the most multi-varied meal you’re missing out on VITAL nutrients




You would lose weight fast


But the problem is you’ll also GAIN it back fast when you go back to eating normal again


When it comes to losing weight (or more accurately losing fat to make you look slimmer)


You have to eat less than you’re burning


Things like this though?


Put you in a MASSIVE calorie deficit


Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. 


^Which unfortunately is COMMON among the population


Luckily though you can STILL get great results without:


Starving yourself


Avoiding foods you enjoy


Feeling miserable


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Tom’ more than just one meal thanks’ Warrington



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