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Weight Loss Lessons From A 9 Hour Film Binge

So you might not have seen these films   The Lord of the Rings   But   For some reason I had an urge to binge watch them this last few days (when I had time)   And if you haven't seen them?   It's about a ring that is evil and contains power that corrupts men and it...

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Stop Criticising Yourself

    I did a video a few weeks back on Facebook:   Stop Criticising Yourself.   You can watch that here>> https://www.facebook.com/TomWFitness/videos/301944900628088/   There's a part 2 to it as well...   Basically,   it's what it says in the title.   When it comes to...

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What To Do When You’re Tempted Off Your Diet

  So a few weeks ago I went to a couple of firework events   for Bonfire night   And for the first time in years I went to Guy Fawkes day   There were 2 fireworks displays on BOTH nights too   Apparently that's quite common now?   Anywhoo   If you go to these you'll...

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An Overweight Personal Trainer?

^^ Yes that is me a few years back ( I was a personal trainer then too)   I did a video earlier on the old Flakebook about when I was overweight   Nearly 3 stone bigger than I am now   If you want to check it out go here>>...

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Eat Chocolate AND Lose Weight?

  I am a massive fan of chocolate   And most women I speak to like it too (unless you are one of those savoury heathens!)   one of my old clients even told me once that she pounded 14 whisper bars in one sitting   14!   That's A LOT of chocolate   And calories   As I...

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When It Happens, You’ll Know What To Do

  I've spent the last few days on a course   A course that teaches you how to be able to respond to an emergency in water   Not quite a lifeguard   But it shows you the skills to save someone from drowning, if they have injuries and all that   Like spinal injuries or...

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Do Diet FADS Actually Work?

  What?   Now before you get it twisted I shall explain   You want to lose lbs and drop fat   So when you see these 10 day programmes or diets that get rid of food groups or food types it can be very enticing   And...?   They work...sort of   Calm down, before you...

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I Snapped My Leg!

  So a while back   When I was 9 years old   I broke my leg...to be exact I spiral fractured it (which is like the middle snapping in a spiral but not completely breaking)   And it hurt like hell   It all happened at the start of the 6 weeks holidays   The first week>...

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A Simple Change To Make If You Are Struggling

  I had a woman ask me about one of my bootcamps a while back   This is what she said:   ' What's involved?'   When I replied and said that it was resistance based and there were lots of different exercises   Her reply was   'Oh that won't be any good for me I want to...

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