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She’s A Screamer

    It's been a long time since   And it happened a lot   I am talking about the film the Monsters Inc   Have you ever watched it?   It came out when I was a younger and we watched it about 10 times at the cinema   But that's because of my...

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Keeping up with the Kids

A few of my clients brought their kids a long to their group session the other day   they were both 5 years old   ^^the kids not my clients   and as you would expect they joined in with the exercise at first and I was pretty impressed   they...

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How To Motivate Yourself

                The last few months for me have been hard   Getting ill   Losing motivation to exercise   And not being able to diet as well as I had been   ^^shock and horror admission from a personal trainer   you know what I mean though?  ...

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14 inches

It hurt so much   But felt so good   And all this happened on Saturday afternoon when I was looking after my girlfriend's house and her Chihuahua   ^^He's adorable   And her parents for thanking me had gotten me a bunch of chocolate   Yumm  ...

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Captain Marvel

  It was date night for me and my girlfriend the other night   So we went and watched that new Captain Marvel film   I can say she wasn't as excited as I was for it   I was like a geeky superfan   The film is set in the 80s and is about a woman...

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The Sad Step

Standing   Waiting impatiently to see that digital number pop up   What have I lost?   Then Boom   The scales are still the same as they were last week   What am I DOING WRONG?   ^^That was me 10 years ago   Back when I weighed myself once a...

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Why It Didn’t Work For You

    Where I do my group programme they have a weight watchers group   In fact MOST women I have ended up helping have been in weight watchers   or even   Slimming world   The reason why some of these programmes don't work?   Or   Do work for a...

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Laying On My Bed

  This was me   For about a week   ^^And not for the reasons you might be thinking (get your mind out of the gutter..tut)   My head felt like someone have repeatedly hit it with a hammer   And I was shivering   I felt like it was minus 10 in my...

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