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What A Thief

  I went out on one of my adventures on Friday night   ^^Probably a really bad idea   Especially that one and you'll see why   So   Me and a friend of mine   Who's name will remain hidden to keep his identity...

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It Was Cut In HALF

Saturday was date day for me So me and my girlfriend went to Alton Towers for the day ^^She got me and her premium season tickets so we could go whenever we wanted And it was a little busy But The longest we had to wait was 35 minutes which is pretty good...

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This P***ed Me Off

" 3 months from now you'll thank yourself" ^^That's a quote I've heard and seen before  Around Facebook and Instagram  I had to comment on this  See most women or even just mums use this sort of quote for inspiration  Or  Coaches and PTs use it...

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4 Tips For Dropping 4 Inches From Your Waist

  "This is your first set of measurements Claire woah Tom And what are they now? Claire overall 37cm loss! Tom That’s 15inches!!! Wow! You’ve lost 4.4 inches from your waist that is amazing haha you’ve completely changed well done!!   Tom  well...

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What Should I Be Eating?

  Probably the most common question I get ^^   'What should I be eating?'   Now, I'll have you consider you kind of know   Well   Most women just end up cutting out all the naughty foods   Which tbh with you?   Is HARD   You do that because...

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Sweaty, Nervous and Performance Anxiety

  There I stood   In front of all these men and women   Watching me   I'd already taken my jacket off in preparation taking a sip of water looking at all these faces looking at me   Someone had gone before me but mine was the most important one   The...

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She’s A Screamer

    It's been a long time since   And it happened a lot   I am talking about the film the Monsters Inc   Have you ever watched it?   It came out when I was a younger and we watched it about 10 times at the cinema   But that's because of my...

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Keeping up with the Kids

A few of my clients brought their kids a long to their group session the other day   they were both 5 years old   ^^the kids not my clients   and as you would expect they joined in with the exercise at first and I was pretty impressed   they...

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How To Motivate Yourself

                The last few months for me have been hard   Getting ill   Losing motivation to exercise   And not being able to diet as well as I had been   ^^shock and horror admission from a personal trainer   you know what I mean though?  ...

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