I’ve got my newest podcast episode out


This one?


Is an absolute beast of an episode…


In this one I was interviewed by a lady who runs a business called Only Human Therapy


A mum who had gone through PND and helps mums who have been through the same


She asked me to come on and give an interview (about all things fitness and diet)


And during the interview we talk about:


*What happened to me (the anxious and depressed personal trainer)


*Strategies and tips on how to stick to your exercise and your diet


*How to stop food cravings ruling you


*What to do when you’re not motivated


*What and How to start


*What sort of foods you should be eating that can benefit your mental health too


*And also some of the mistakes women make when they try to lose lbs


To listen to it?


Go here>> http://traffic.libsyn.com/bettermindbetterbody/4_-_FB_Live_with_Only_Human_Therapy.mp3


Tom’ expert’ Warrington


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