She was messing around in there


Sharp pains


That’s what it felt like


I went to the dentist the other day for my check up


And she asked if there were any problems


Loads I answered


Every time I had eaten fruit, cold water or some ice cream (yes, I eat that too)


I felt pain in my tooth


So she sprayed it with this white paste stuff


Which was annoying afterwards because it felt like I had something stuck on my teeth


I mean


I did


but I couldn’t get rid of it…


And they also did an X-ray too


I had to bite down on this red piece of plastic and sit in a chair


^^Wasn’t as good as it sounds…


(I was slightly worried getting blasted by X-rays to my face too)


They said if there were any problems they’d let me know




Now I have to be anxious for a while and hope there isn’t a problem




The thing is


I had been getting these pains for a few months now


And instead of getting them sorted out ASAP


I waited


Until I had no choice but to go


Now it might just be an enamel thing




Maybe something more sinister


(Dun dun duuuuuuu…that’s meant to be scary music)


But the point is?


I didn’t try and sort it out


What has this got to do with getting shape as a mum?




Like most of us


We would rather stay in pain for a while than get it sorted out




That’s usually because the PAIN of staying the same isn’t as bad as the PAIN of changing


^^READ that again


Exercise can be intimidating


Dieting sucks


Going into an environment you’re not familiar with drives your anxiety through the roof


I get it


And sometimes if you have a few lbs to lose it can be de-motivating doing stuff you’re not used to


Know what I mean?




You hide away from the problem


And hope it goes away


(It doesn’t btw)


It doesn’t go away UNLESS you take action


But that only happens if that PAIN you’re feeling right now?


Is more than the pain of changing


And if it is?


Then you’ll do something about it




You stay the same


If you’re ready to change?


And want to change your lifestyle, your habits and the way you feel about yourself and NEED help


With a group of mums on the same mission


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Be warned


There’s only a few days left to get on this one before I close it down for a while


So now’s your chance


Tom’ toothy’ Warrington


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