It’s been a long time since


And it happened a lot


I am talking about the film the Monsters Inc


Have you ever watched it?


It came out when I was a younger and we watched it about 10 times at the cinema


But that’s because of my parents<<< me, my brother and sister got sick of it after about 3






If you haven’t seen it


the film is about a bunch of monsters who for their jobs go to kids bedrooms at night and scare them


The reason why?


Because screams produce energy


The energy the monsters live on


They go through so many a day and have competitions to see who can get the most energy


The employee of the month so to speak


Until one day one of the kids get through (and they were told these kids would eat the monsters etc)


And she was a little girl


During their time with Boo she ends up laughing and that produces 10 time the energy that screams ever did


and they find out she’s harmless


And cute




The monster at the top had been lying to them all…


What has this got to do with getting in shape?




So many women (especially mums) are fed so much cr*p through the internet, magazines and fad programmes about how to get in shape


Told to sacrifice everything if they want to improve their body


But end up feeling lower, more depressed and worse off at the end of it


In fact my client Katie said this to me which i talked about at a seminar last year:


‘I thought that you could train one area to lose weight there – That you had to cut foods out – Never thought to do measurements before only weight- I’ve now lost 3 dress sizes’



It’s not like that though


What you eat doesn’t have to be bland, boring and simple (or even complicated)


You don’t have to exercise for 2 hours everyday or sacrifice a lamb to the Gods to lose a few pounds


Things can be easier and more simple


And once your mindset about all of it changes so does your actions and your body


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Tom’ mike wazowski’ Warrington


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