I had been listening to A LOT of Disney recently


Occasionally blasting it out on the radio whilst I was in the car


^^Don’t judge me


And what I had heard about from a lot of the mums I work with me was how much they were sick of hearing Let it go


From Frozen


Because their children had kept playing it over and over again


^^That happened to you?


First it was Frozen and then when that was FINALLY starting to die down?


Moana came out


And it all started again


Ha ha




Recently they’ve been re inventing some of these Disney films




Beauty and the Beast


And this year




And my absolute FAVOURITE


The Lion King


^^I LOVE that film  and can’t wait for the live action one this year


So recently I have been playing the songs from it


Like the Lion sleeps tonight


(That actually reminds me of the bed scene from Ace Ventura)


And songs like


I Can’t wait to be King


Simba sings about how awesome it’s going to be when he’s the King and how he can’t WAIT


And this?


Kinda reminded me of when mums try and get in shape


The reason?


They spend TOO MUCH time thinking about what they want to look like and feel like etc




Don’t get me wrong


It’s VERY important to know what you want


(You don’t know what to do otherwise)




There’s a difference between that^^




Hoping everything will be fixed and how it’ll be great when you finally lose lbs


When you finally get into shape…


Your motivation is high at first 


But then after just a few weeks it starts to dwindle and you start to feel a little down


Because you’re STILL not where you want to be


You’ve been working your butt off but it’s not working


And that ‘day dream’ and goal feeling and weight starts to feel a little bit out of reach


^^I get it


So how do you get past this?


Get clear on where you are NOW because NOW?


Is where the problem lies


That’s where you’re habits are


That’s who you are NOW and unless you change that current behaviour and person?


The future goal will NEVER happen


Start small


Take some action today<< Because that’s all that matters


A 10 minute workout or change your lunch habits (go for a walk too)


Do something so that future you is happy


Tom’ in the jungle the mighty jungle’ Warrington


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